Apothecary’s garden flesette ‘Flesette’ is a name of garden where the ancient
apothecaries grew precious medicinal herbs.
Flesette studies skin regeneration based on the wisdom
of ancient apothecaries and modern medical science.
We combine natural beauty from the miraculous garden
with the cosmetics technology, which gives you
a precious experience of renewing your skin.

& Innovation
We keep studying and make ourselves
challenging for Innovation.
In Flesette R&D center, a plastic surgeon,
pharmacist and cosmetics experts study together
on the mechanism for improvement of damaged skin.
R&D center selects suitable ingredients proven
to be effective for skin improvement based on
the studies, papers and clinical tests.
The ingredients are extracted by innovative extraction
methods. All products are formulated, manufactured
and assembled in the global standard of manufacturing

Botanically Inspired Flesette believes that
‘Every beauty comes from Nature’.
Small but strong plants which take roots deeply
and survive in harsh environment in the polar areas,
unknown natural source Ingredients that
contain powerful skin benefits and unique plants
which only live in a certain habitat or season.
They have been the inspiration for the brand “Flesette”.

Focus on Essence Flesette focuses on ‘Essence’. By extensive work at R&D center
on analyzing skin damage of the past
and recapturing a vision of youthfulness,
we find the way to fortify skin's natural strength.
Flesette's main focus will always be finding ways
to bring you essential beauty - both visible beauty
for your skin and inner beauty to boost your confidence.